Is Travel Insurance Worth It?


It’s a question we frequently ask when we travel across the globe. It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves when planning to go on travel for a few years. Does travel insurance need it?

It’s a valid question, which is why we’re there to assist you in sorting through this challenging issue and tell you what we think about the topic of travel insurance.

It’s not unusual to hear people say they’re healthy, don’t be sick, and thus don’t need insurance. In our opinion, however, insurance is something that you should never leave your home without.

It is impossible to predict what might occur, and most health plans offered in your country of residence do not cover overseas travel while traveling.

The most crucial point to be aware of is that travel insurance provides more than just medical insurance. The most reliable travel insurance plans will take care of you in the event of a camera breaking, your flight is canceled, or when a family member passes away, or the family member dies. You have to come home, you are unable to carry a bag, or even if a valuable item is stolen.

It’s the single most essential thing to carry in your backpack with the expectation that you will never have to use it.

Is our Travel Insurance Worth it?

What is the best way to use Travel Insurance?

The first thing to note is that we don’t want to talk with people about traveling insurance if you didn’t utilize it. The answer is not only yes, but also that we will not travel without current travel insurance coverage.

Many things can happen unexpectedly during travel, and the assurance of peace gained with having insurance is the most critical motive.

We also engage in numerous crazy adventures when we travel and take a large amount of costly camera equipment and electronic gadgets while traveling. It is essential to have an insurance plan that protects our health, traveling surprises, wild experiences, along with expensive electronic devices.

Does it matter?

In the end, I’m guessing you’re the only one who will decide that, but based on our experiences and coworkers, and we’ll not make the mistake of going without it. The following examples are a compilation of events that have happened to us or others we have met.

  • We were in a region amid an active volcano eruption that erupted enough ash to harm the photography equipment. We were not worried; the damage was insured through our policy.
  • Flights canceled resulted in missed connections with another airline, leading to having to rebook travel and pay for hotel rooms. Travel insurance will fully reimburse you for the cost.
  • Bags were lost from the airline and did not show up for five days. Travel insurance offered a daily price to buy items, ensuring the trip was not destroyed.
  • An unexpected fall on the way to board the boat resulted in a damaged back and the need to be airlifted out in the Amazon Jungle. The entire cost was covered by insurance, which includes surgeries and recovery.
  • The phone was stolen on the streets of Malaysia by a scooter driver, which was later reimbursed by travel insurance.
  • Contracted Dengue Fever requiring multiple tests and treatments for blood while traveling abroad. It is covered by travel insurance.

Situations in which you’ll be required to purchase travel insurance will appear in various types and, of course, unexpected.

How do you choose the Best Travel Insurance?

It is easy to find many pages or pages of results for travel insurance on Google. Google search. It’s all about knowing the things to search for and choosing the best policy for you.

I believe the simplest for us to do when our first steps were to remove any insurance company we came across that didn’t provide specific travel policies. There are a lot of companies who will claim that they provide it, but they don’t offer any detailed coverage for travel. You can start by removing those from your choices.

Once you’ve narrowed the search down to a couple of travel-related businesses (we prefer ), now is the time to begin looking over the details. Does the policy include electronics? Does it have extradition? Does it cover adventure sports?

Every valid question you’d like to know the answers to before beginning your search for insurance for your trip.

A good travel policy should always contain the following rules:

  • The list covers the majority of countries in the world.
  • A few coverage options for your electronic devices (and you can choose to have an additional coverage limit)
  • Injury prevention and sudden illness
  • Emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (you don’t want to deal only to be told call to call back afterward)
  • Insure damaged or stolen items like luggage, jewelry, cameras, documents, etc.
  • Insurance for cancellations, including flights, hotel reservations, and other bookings for transportation in the event of an unexpected illness, death in the family, or any other emergency.
  • Strife, emergencies, the country you visited, and so on. force you to return home early
  • It is recommended to include personal accident insurance.
  • Ensure you have protection for your finances if a firm you work with fails and you’re trapped in a different country.

These are the essentials in every travel policy, and If you discover an insurance company that does not provide all of these features in their policies, do not book with them.

Check out the Fine Print

In addition to the fundamentals of insurance coverage, you’ll be looking at a few aspects that can differ between providers and travelers. It is crucial to be aware of what’s covered by your insurance policy.

Adventure Activities and Extreme Sports Adventure Activities and Extreme Sport It’s crucial to know that most insurance policies do not provide a specific set of adventure-related activities or extreme sports when you travel. If you’re a fan of scuba diving, bungee jumping, motorbike, whitewater rafting, or similar, ensure that you select an insurance policy that will have your back.

Electronics Coverage Another one to take a close look at. The majority of policies have absurdly small caps on their electronic coverage. Think about $500 per item, or sometimes even $500 in total. When traveling with a laptop, you’re probably not getting reimbursed if it’s stolen with plans like that. And that’s not even including the camera you’re using for capturing your journey. Have enough coverage to ensure that when your gear bag is lost, you will at least have the money to purchase new bags.

Drugs and Alcohol-related Incidents- The policies do not typically cover medicine or alcohol-related incidents or the carelessness with your baggage and possessions. The procedure won’t reimburse you when the incident occurred due to your negligence. In other words, if a responsible person would not have participated if your accident caused, you’ll not be covered.

Primary and Pre-Existing CareTravel policy isn’t explicitly intended to provide general medical treatment. This includes pre-existing ailments and available medical treatment. You can’t apply for a travel insurance policy to refill your prescription or have an annual exam.

Travel insurance protects you if you’re away from home in an accident or medical crisis. Understanding this before purchase will help you avoid disappointment and anger when you attempt to use the policy to get an annual health check.

Which Company We Work With and why?


It’s time to make our big announcement! It’s not a secret that we’ve been using Allianz as our travel insurance for over three years, and we love their products. They’re simple to use, offer a fantastic online platform, excellent customer service, and coverage worldwide. Three of the primary reasons we choose Allianz to travel around the world.

They offer an excellent value-for-money

Allianz offers coverage for the crucial things for travelers traveling to more than 150 countries. By focusing on the things we need and not focusing on the things we don’t need, Allianz prices are some of the most competitive on the internet.

Flexibility when we require it the most- this is extremely important for us!

There’s nothing more uncertain than long-term travel. Allianz offers some of the most comprehensive annual multi-trip plans available. The method we choose lets us pay for our policy, and we’re confident that we’ll be fully covered throughout the year, regardless of our destination.

We are covered for a variety of adventurous activities. The primary reason we do it

Allianz has you covered from trekking throughout Patagonia or whitewater rafting across Africa. It gives peace of mind so that we can enjoy the best of our adventures and tell you the most exciting stories. They offer the best emergency assistance in the industry, and I am confident that they’ll be there to help us if anything occurs.

Is our Travel Insurance Worth it? Yes!

Whatever firm you pick, there is a chance that you’ll end up using the insurance is low. However, accidents happen, and life traveling around the world can be a bit hazy. It’s better to be secure than sorry, particularly when you’re in a foreign country hundreds of miles away from home.