5 Levels of Digital Marketing and the Sales Process

Offering personalized service to customers online can increase sales and grow your customer base. You can follow a five-step process as part of your digital marketing strategy to make this happen. Booming online sales can guide customers through the selection and purchase process.

Meeting customer needs through digital marketing.

To successfully sell a product or service to a customer, You need to understand their mental wishes. In case you are selling a product, you’re selling the concept that it solves selected trouble or meets a desired need of your customer. You need to connect with your potential customer’s pain so that they are interested in the service you are offering. You can incorporate a five-step sales process into your marketing strategy.

The 5-step digital marketing sales process

Meeting customer needs and doing business successfully in the online world requires an internet marketing strategy that follows a five-step process:

  1. Marketing/market and audience mapping
  2. Building credibility and trust
  3. Guiding and attracting the buyer throughout the process.
  4. Demonstrating services or products that meet their wishes.
  5. Closing the sale

These five ranges of the income procedure are the essential additives that make a website traveler from vacationer to customer. By representing each level and engaging your potential customer through these levels, you have the power to take your website business from failure to success.

The five levels overlap in many ways. A well-defined digital marketing strategy will clearly define the five levels of the process and how they are presented on your website. The system will help you set realistic and achievable digital marketing goals. It will also help you use each stage to build and influence the other locations so that the process is constantly moving towards a successful sale.


Prospecting is the key to any successful marketing strategy. It is the delivery of targeted, qualified traffic to your virtual store. This can be achieved through search engine optimization, pay-per-click, or ads that attract people to your site. Once they are there, your role and responsibility are to provide a unique selling point (USP). To determine your USP, you need to understand the following:

  • How your service or product fills a gap within the market.
  • How your business stands out and is attractive, and what differentiates it from the competition.

Building credibility and trust

In a physical store, trust is built through human interaction. It’s easy to greet someone when they come in or physically help them find something. Building trust and credibility with visitors to your site.

The same trust and credibility are also built through the design and development of your website. Your viewers will subconsciously judge your credibility based on the following factors:

  • The site must look professional and legitimate
  • Attractive images and effective links
  • Appealing and engaging content that looks professional and appealing and has the correct spelling and grammar.
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy to identify policies and privacy principles
  • Easily accessible support and product information

Guiding and courting the buyer

A visitor to your website will be targeted if you have followed the first steps of the prospecting process. The next step is visitor qualification. Someone visits your site because they are looking for a solution to a problem, which could be a product or service. Internet marketing research shows that seven out of ten website visitors are ready to buy. Take the time to direct them to what they need.

Navigation should be structured to help those who know exactly what they want, those who generally know what they want but not sure of the details, and those who are browsing and need advice.

Introduction to the product or service

The demonstration process is how you present your product or service to visitors, taking them through the selection process after you have guided them and identified their needs in the previous step.

Note that all levels of the process overlap. When presenting your products or services to a visitor, You need to make sure that you capture their attention and interest to motivate them to maintain selling.

Closing the sale

Make sure your website closes the sale effectively. This means providing enough information about your products and services, such as insurance or guarantees, to keep the customer happy. Also, do not forget to include testimonials for every service or product to boom your credibility. Finally, you provide accurate payment information, such as credit cards or personal checks, to avoid guesswork that can ruin a sale. If you can effectively woo a potential customer on all five levels, you have the power to take your website from failure to success.