Top Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Marketing can be difficult, especially if it’s not your forte. All the other things that fall under marketing: in-store traffic and events, social media, SEO, blogging, customer interaction… the list goes on!

I have years of experience in communications and have been able to master many aspects of social media, marketing, public relations, and public relations. It helps me serve you, the woman-owned business owner who wants to do great marketing but isn’t sure how.

First, you must understand that marketing is a big experiment. I have had success with one company or campaign, but it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else. It is essential to test, test again, and then analyze. You may be missing critical information if you don’t track your results.

I will share some tips to help you get your marketing off to a good start. These ideas will work, some will be great for your business, and some may not work as well. Keep this post in your bookmarks and return to it often to ensure you’re reaching multiple marketing avenues.

Top Marketing Tips Every Boutique and Business Owner Should Do RIGHT NOW


1. It seems obvious, but it is something that many business owners fail to do. Engaging is much more than liking a comment on your post. Enjoyable means are commenting back, enjoying, commenting on others’ posts, and being genuinely interested in them. Treat strangers online as you would a customer in your shop.

2. Schedule social media content for a month and create it.

This sounds overwhelming; I’m sorry. Take it one week at a. You can stay ahead of the curve and create content in advance. Batch-creating content is easier for me. I can sit down for an hour to make at least two weeks’ copies worth. I can work on all my photos at once. When I have completed the previous two, I schedule my work. My business and I plan our social media every week. But I can write content for months at a time (I am always writing down my ideas). ).

3. Tag vendors to create a community with them

This relationship should be maintained online and offline. Your vendors will reciprocate your love online if you show them that you care. One of my clients is in a strong relationship with her vendor, and she gives them items free of charge for giveaways. You should always be able to grow all your business relationships.

4. Use Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories

Would you like a fun, easy, and free way to engage customers and reach new audiences? You have it! Use the Stories feature on Facebook or Instagram. Include stickers such as questions, polls, and more! This will allow you to interact with those in your inbox.

5. Go live! Serve your audience and share your expertise.

Go LIVE when you are ready to be more courageous (I promise it is not that difficult), then go LIVE! This is the number one way to engage your followers and draw in new people. This is the best way to connect with your followers and attract new people. It’s great to get to know the people we buy from. This builds trust and is an excellent benefit for repeat customers. It’s worth a shot!

6. Repurpose all your social media posts (rinse & repeat! )

This is one of your most simple social media hacks! This is how I handle my copy. I edited it and changed the photos between IG and Facebook. My audience is different, so I wait weeks to repurpose the content so that different eyes can see it.

7. Join LinkedIn Groups and Network on Facebook

This does not mean to be spammy. DON’T promote or sell your business (unless allowed by the group on a specific thread/day). Do be supportive, helpful, and available to help others. You can lend your expertise, cheer on people and be a friend in the group. People will see your profile and link it to your business if you are helpful. This is how I’ve gotten many leads by simply serving FB groups that my ideal customer is in.


8. Write blog posts regularly with new content and create a blog.

This one will allow you to take advantage of all the social media marketing tools available. Pins can be shared and used to drive traffic back. Maximize SEO (Yoast is an excellent place for starting and offers a free WordPress plugin) to build on these keywords.

9. Review your website

I am the type of girl who loves Amazon but will shop at Target if there are reviews. My purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews and photos of women wearing my chosen outfits. This is an excellent opportunity to show how much people love your products!

10. Do not forget to take product photos

It makes a big difference in my buying decisions to see real women wearing the clothes I want. Women will like to share photos of their products if you spend time building customer relationships. Encourage your customers to share your hashtag on social media and allow them to repurpose the images on your website. ).


11. Only offer special promotions to followers and email subscribers

Your email subscribers should be valued. We don’t like to give out our email addresses to anyone! Your followers. Give them discounts, special offers, and gifts. Get behind-the-scenes access and personal information that no one else can see. Show them you value. Remember, repeat customers, are the best customers!

12. To build your audience, collect email addresses

Even if your email system is not yet in place, you should always ask them for their email addresses. You will need a list before you can launch your email campaigns. You want to nurture your customers’ lists – keep them coming back to you in-store and on your website.


13. In-store events like Sip & Shops or holiday events can be hosted

Promote a warm environment and invite all your customers. Offer special promotions. Boutiques that host events are my favorite. I always try to make it there. It’s an excellent way for people to come in.

14. Sponsor an event or charity in your area

Look for events that appeal to your ideal customer. Also, look for events that benefit nonprofits that you believe in. These sponsored events are a great way to give back to the community and help your company become more prominent in the town.

15. Local events can be used to offer silent or raffle auction items

Sponsorships are not possible for you. Instead, donate raffle items or silent auction items. You should add this to your marketing budget and plans immediately! This is an excellent way for your name to be known.

16. Participate in networking events

I recommend getting out there, regardless of whether you are a local chamber member or a small networking group. It’s great to do business with people you know. Local companies are dependent on referrals and word of mouth.


17. Look for media opportunities that will make your brand famous

There are several ways you can find media opportunities without an agency. Introduce yourself to local reporters from lifestyle newspapers and news stations.

18. Send articles to major media outlets for publication

Do it! We were featured in Kiwi Magazine when I was the owner of my pet party planning company. You are an excellent choice for reporters looking for experts in specific areas such as fashion boutiques and home decor tips. These opportunities are available online and in print.

19. You can offer yourself as a style/home/gift/etc. expert

You can also become an expert in media by speaking at events and being interviewed for podcasts.