8 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do To Your Cat!

If you are a cat owner, you are probably well aware that cats are pretty independent when it comes to their care. They are able to clean themselves for the most part, and as long as you provide them with the essentials – food, water, and a clean litter box – they don’t tend to be much trouble. People tend to adore cats for their strong will and independent spirit – it’s what makes them cats. However, despite their seemingly aloof nature, cats are not unbreakable – they can be physically and emotionally broken just like any other animal.

If you want to preserve your cat’s true feline nature, you should avoid the following habits.

1. Shouting

Cats are susceptible to sound, so if you’re suddenly loud while greeting your cat out of excitement or anger when she does something wrong, she may see you as a threat and start to fear you.

2. Ignoring Pain

It’s essential to watch your kitty’s well-being, even though they can’t show you directly when they’re in pain. Cats are masters at hiding their pain, whether it’s from an infected tooth that makes eating difficult or a urinary tract infection that causes using the litter box painful. By paying attention to your kitty’s behavior, you can catch signs of pain and get them the help they need.

3. Teasing

These things will not make your cat happy: blowing in her face, messing up her fur while she’s napping, picking her up in your arms if she firmly refuses that, shaking her with your arms—that will confuse and depress your cat, who just wants to love you.

4. Punishing

Yelling at your fur buddy, throwing stuff, or gesturing in anger when they make some trouble tells them you’re not happy, but they’re not always aware of that.

5. Neglecting Your Cat

If you neglect your kitty by not paying attention to them, not interacting or showing them love, and not communicating with them, they will become perplexed. Cats need even the smallest amount of affection or a kind word to show them that you love them.

6. Skipping the Small Things

If you neglect your kitty’s grooming, she will suffer from hairballs and uncomfortable snagged fur. Without trimmed claws, she will catch them on every carpet and rug. Mites in her ears will go unchecked if you don’t inspect them, even when she is continually scratching them or shaking her head. And ignoring her inappropriate chewing will only make things worse. All of these little things can lower your cat’s energy and health.

7. Not Cleaning the Litter Box

If your roommates never flushed the toilet, it would be like you yourself belonged in the toilet bowl. This is one of the worst habits that some cat owners have. It’s not only gross, but it’s also a total disrespect.

8. Leaving the Lights Off

When you’re not home, and your cat is alone in the house at night, she’ll feel lonely and abandoned.