Top Signs That Show Your Cat Is Happy

★- Your cat plays several times a day

Cats have a natural hunting instinct. In the wild, cats hunt for up to eight hours a day! Indoor cats usually don’t have much to hunt for. Nevertheless, the hunting instinct must be sufficiently lived out.

In total, a cat should therefore play for at least an hour spread over the day. So if she plays several times a day (alone or with you), that’s a sign that she’s fine!

★- Your cat cuddles with you and her feline friend

Cats need closeness – both from their humans and their feline friends. When cats have gained enough trust, they often cuddle extensively or at least demand the desired pats and grooming units.

★- She purrs

Purring is a sign of well-being. Even small kittens purr when they are with their mum and are allowed to drink milk. This gesture, therefore, becomes a habit to show that your cat is doing great.

Attention: In stressful situations or when injured, cats also purr to calm themselves down! Therefore, pay attention to body language if you are unsure!

★- Your cat chats with you

The happier your cat is, the more she talks to you for no apparent reason – i.e. without specifically asking for food or other attention – that would be a sign of a deficiency.

This isn’t true for all cats, but it is true for many. Certain breeds, in particular, are predestined for this, including Ragdolls and Maine Coons, for example. You come home and your cat just starts chatting away? Then she must be happy!

★- Eat comfortably

Does your cat like to sit down to eat, or lie there like a loaf of bread? Then she is probably not stressed and eats quite comfortably. Your cat can enjoy life to the fullest!